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Enabling business agility at the intersection of people, process and technology.
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What we do

Digital Transformation

Bring long-term rewards to investors and meaningful impact to your customers by transforming your business through a holistic approach that honors your workforce by delivering sustainable growth of profitable products and services.

Customer Experience

Unlock consumer insights in your data that improves decision quality and execution time to fuel messaging, experiences, and positive sentiment through a proven omnichannel strategy spanning physical and digital channels.

Situational Awareness

Trust  a data-rich framework that detects inflection points, considers appropriate measures, and reliably gamifies changes in your operation as well as using time series modeling to establish a baseline for predicting product demand.


Compilation of our previous work


Digital Transformation

Market Inflections

Giving Direction

Practical Agile

Value That's Real

IoT Security

Lightweight, Fast and Secure

Market Analysis

Competitive Advantage

Big Data Analytics

Better Customer Experiences


Pragma-SST serves as a trusted advisor, helping clients realize value by formulating technology-enabled business strategies, improving operations through the use of technology while strengthening organizations. Combines strategic thinking, technology and domain expertise to deliver accelerated outcomes by defining vision, strategy and value creation models for shaping strategic product designs, managing and transforming enterprise Agile product delivery at Fortune 500 companies.

Based in Dallas, TX, with roots from Silicon Valley, we provide solutions and expert services to assist businesses to become more nimble, transformative and disruptive in their respective industries. We do this by providing actionable insights, industrial intelligence and social understanding to support an evolving and demanding connected world.

  • 2010-2011

    Cost Reduction

    Reduced forecasted
    product delivery time by
    25% reducing cost by

    Authored both provisional
    and full utility patent
    applications for PCI
    compliance in the cloud

  • 2013 - 2014

    Profit Increase

    Founded and lead an Agile Practice to a 51% increase in profit for Strategic Solutions line of business

    Agile Practice revenue $88.9M <12 mos

  • 2015

    Revenue Increase

    Architected, documented and lead development of a consolidated e-sales one-page checkout that resulted in $1.9B in sales with a 5% lift in conversion rates and a total of $95M increase in revenue in first 7 days

  • 2016 - 2017

    Increased Growth Worth

    Lead product development of a beta version IoT biologic treatment device worth $1.2B and 42% of market share

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